Wikipedia group of the Institute of Geography has been operating since 2016. The computer operator Aida Aslanova was appointed as the head of the group.

The main goal of Wikipedia group is to study the science of geography, all areas covered by geography, outstanding scientists, geographical terms, etc. It consists in bringing accurate and complete information about Azerbaijan to the Azerbaijani and world community by posting it in the form of articles in Wikipedia, the largest encyclopedia of the virtual world.

In October 2017, the group uploaded 2,666 articles, 33 templates, 251 categories, and 272 photos to Wikipedia during Geography Month as part of Wikimedia Theme Month project. The total number of articles on Wikipedia since its inception is 12,458.

The wiki group consists of 14 people, each of whom was trained by Wikipedia at the Central Scientific Library of ANAS and received a certificate.

Members of Wikipedia group:

  1. Aida Aslanova
  2. Ahmadzade Halima
  3. Ismayilova Tunzala
  4. Talibova Farida
  5. Huseynova Turana
  6. Ramazanova Ulker
  7. Bayramova Nigar
  8. Eyyubova Zuleyxa
  9. Hajiyeva Gulnar
  10. Namazova Aysel
  11. Ahmadova Lala
  12. Hajiyeva Aygun
  13. Mammadova Dilber
  14. Bayramov Tural