Biogeographical station  


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Head of section:

PhD in agriculture Chinguiz Gulali oghlu Gulaliyev

Total number of employees:

Main activity directions:

Investigation in laboratory and field conditions of soils, vegetation, changes taking place in atmosphere, hydrophysical (peculiarities of moisture, potential influence of soil moisture, moisture regime), heat-physical (heat regime, heat capacity, coefficient of heat assimilation, coefficient of temperature conductivity and heat conductivity) and electrophysical (coefficient of special electro conductivity, dielectrical penetration, tangent of loss angle, stationary electrical area, special electrical resistance) features depending on effecting factors (soil density, degree of moisture, zones of specific of soils, electrical frequency of area, physico-chemical composition of soils and so on).

Main scientific achievements:

Beginning from the first day of its foundation in the Pirgulu Station under the head of H.A. Aliyev was carried out the researcher on interrelations in the system of “soil-frost-atmosphere”, at the same time, within the frames of international programme “Man and Biosphere” on components of first biocenoses, including the problem of interrelations between the first vegetation and soil cover. On the basis of principle of vertical was obtained empiric dependence between the hydrophysical, heat-physical and electro-physical features of soils and moisture and granulometric composition of soils.