Geography of land resources of Azerbaijan



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Head of section

PhD in agriculture Guliyev Ismayil Ahliman oghlu

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Main scientific directions

During 50 years the department is engaged in studying of degradation of forest and arid soils, interrelation in system "forest-soil". In Pirqulu permanent establishment problems of biogeocenosis under the International Program «Human and Biosphere» are studied.


Main scientific results

The soil cover of a forest zone of Azerbaijan and the territories exempted from forest was investigated, the large-scale maps are made.

On a basis biogeocenotic researches the interrelation in system a "soil-plant" in stationary and semi stationary conditions was investigated.

Directions of degradation processes of arid soils were determined. On the basis of long-term parameters and efficiency of agricultural plants a degree of degradation and speed of process were investigated.