Climatology and agroclimatology 


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Head of section:

PhD in Geography Khayyam Shakir oghlu Raguimov

Total number of employees:


Main directions of activity:

In different periods the main directions of activities of the department were: climatology of separate elements, synoptic climatology of thermal and radiation balances, complex climatology, agroclimatology, resort and medicinal climatology, microclimatology and zooclimatology.

At present the main attention is given to the questions of climatic change and adaptation to it, agroclimatology and medicinal climatology.

Main scientific results:

The following research works have been carried out in the department: Methods of calculation of radiation and thermal balances was worked out, genesis of climate was studied and significant results on climatic change was obtained, estimation of its possible aftereffects in the territory of country was given and measures of adaptation to it were worked out; causes of rise of dangerous weather phenomena were determined, methods of prognosis of extreme seasons, months, decades was improved; estimation of agroclimatic resources was studied and given, regions with different bioclimatic potential were distinguished, methods of compiling of agroclimatic maps and atlases of mountainous country on the pattern of territory of Azerbaijan was worked out; microclimatic, radiation and thermal balances of fields and gardens of main agricultural plants, at the same time a number of towns of the country were studied; system was worked out and climatic-meliorative division into regions of the territory of country was carried out; possibility of climatic-medical treatment in the resorts of country was studied and climatic-landscape division into regions for recreation purposes was carried out.