Geomorphology of the coasts and seabed of the Caspian Sea 


Geomorphology of the shores and bottom of the Caspian Sea


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Aliyev Amir Soltan  oghlu  professor

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Basic activity directions  

The main direction - Study of dynamic processes on the coastal and in the shelf zone of the sea with the help of modern remote sensing and contact methods.

(Within the Azerbaijan water area)


Main scientific achievements

Due to the sharp rise (2.5 m) of the level of the Caspian Sea in 1978-1996. large-scale maps were compiled on the basis of aerospace and expeditionary data. flooding and created the Coastal Flood Atlas of the Republic.

Areas of flooding and negative socio-economic and ecological consequences of flooding are estimated.

At hydrometeorological stations, on the Caspian Sea and its shores, the measured information about the level was statistically processed, the average daily, monthly, annual, and also extreme values of the level were determined. Thus, the above level values for 48 points located on the coast and directly in the open sea were systematized for all observation periods and compiled in the form of tables. Based on these tables, the “Catalog of level observations in the Caspian Sea