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 Head of section:

Khanum Rzazadeh Mutallib gızı

Total number of employees:


 Main activities:

Guided by interests of the Institute, the activities of department ensure the creation of his faithful image, public relations and media regulates and improves them.

- Present innovations in the field of geography;

- Covers the activities of the Institute in the media and implements events associated with it in order to increase interest in science and scientific concepts;

- Preparing press releases and through the media brings them to the public to ensure transparency;

- Inform employees and the public about organization of meetings, conferences, scientific seminars and public events, scheduled by the direction and structures of the Institute;

- Prepares information on reports made at scientific meetings and discussed matters;

- Reflects all scientific meetings and events in photos, places them in texts;

- Answers to questions that are related to the direction and organization via e-mail, phone and social networks;

- Provides admin work for the lighting of the Institute of Geography and related Azerbaijan Geographical Society on sites and  and regularly updates the information on them;

- Social network page is created for more operational transmission to the public of new information on the activities of the Institute of Geography and Azerbaijan Geographical Society, where new information is posted regularly to make them interesting and readable;

- Booklets, videos, photos are made on important occasions;

- Collection of archive pictures, videos and printed materials;

- Provides participation of media agents in the Institute’s activities;

- Monitors media coverage of materials on the Institute’s activities;

- Covers significant events on the bulletin board of the Institute;

- If necessary, undertake appropriate measures to prepare responses to false information presented by media on the activities of the Institute and others.