Hydrology of land and water resources 


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Head of section:

Doctor of Geography Rza  Nadir oghlu Mahmudov 

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Main directions of activity:







The basic direction - surface waters, study of the formation and passing of water flows and sediments in different physic-geographical conditions, determination of water balance and water resources, revealing the influence of economic activities on river flows, study of hydrodynamic peculiarities of the formation of floods and mud streams, resources conservation and protection of water resources.

Studies of lakes and reservoirs, estimation of chemical and ion flow of the rivers. 

Main scientific results:

The regularities of formation and passing of mountain river flows were studied, the methods of determination of underground flow of the rivers for unstudied rivers were suggested and compiled a map of this element.

On the basis of their was obtained the interrelation of elements of water balance for mountainous countries for the first time, determined the water resources of landscape belts, river basins and all republic as a whole.

It was determined that the transit flow of water resources of Azerbaijan consist of 30,9 km3, but local – 10,3 km3, suggested the methods for determination of summer natural regulation of flow.

Studied the influence of economic activities on river flows and ecological state of the lower parts of watersheds, determined that the water resources did not decrease, but took place their distribution on the territory.

The peculiarity of formation of solid flow and suspended sediments were studied and suggested the methods of their calculation.

For the first time it was determined that in connection with changes of ecological conditions of the territory of Lenkaran natural region and increasing of middle layer of runoff by 0,030 - 0,047 mm from surface of watersheds takes place the intensification of desertification processes.

Worked out the methods of calculation of ion flow, biogenic and organic elements, given the estimation of intensity of chemical denudation and carried out the classification of waters according to their content.

Studied the hydrological peculiarities of lakes and reservoirs and their becoming silted. 

Now employees of a department continue work on researches of influence of the anthropogenous factor on the ecological conditions of their reservoirs.