An international scientific and practical conference dedicated to cop29 was held at the Institute of Geography Jun 06, 2024 | 02:06 / CONFERENCES

An international scientific and practical conference dedicated to COP29 was held at the Institute of Geography named after academician H. Aliyev on the topic “The impact of modern climate change on natural complexes and the economic system in Azerbaijan.”

The General Director of the Institute, Professor Zakir Eminov, who opened the conference with an introductory speech, welcomed the participants and noted that it is no coincidence that this event falls on June 5 - World Environment Day.

He said: “Natural hazards, disasters, wars, epidemics, shortage of drinking water and finally global warming occurring in different parts of the world nowadays require us to approach our fragile world and environment with care and concern and protect it from external influences.

Now the attention of the whole world is focused on Azerbaijan. Our country is preparing for such a prestigious event as COP29. Our main goal in holding today’s conference is to discuss with scientists and specialists the issues of climate change and its impact on the environment, exchange ideas for finding solutions, and share international experience.”

Academician Fakhraddin Gadirov, associate professors Yusif Aliyev and Bahadir Bilalov, professors Magsad Gojamanov, Chingiz Ismailov, Aydin Ibrahimov, Doctor of Geological Sciences Said Safarov spoke and wished success to the conference. Academician Akhmadkal Medeo, director of the Institute of Geography of Kazakhstan, rector of North Kazakhstan University, was unable to attend the event.

Participants in the online conference were welcomed by Renata Apergenova, Associate Professor of the Volgograd Social and Pedagogical University Lilia Detochenko, Professor of the Algerian University of Bouira, Muhammad Sellaolzadi, Vice-President of the Institute of Geography of Pakistan, Professor of the Punjab University Saftar Alshirazi and Associate Professor of the Moldavian State Pedagogical University Tatiana Verdish, wished them good luck conference and new achievements at the Institute of Geography.

After the acting executive director of the Institute of Geography, Zaur Imrani, provided information on the organization of the conference, the following speakers made presentations at the plenary session: senior researcher of the IG, corresponding member of ANAS, Rauf Gardashov on the topic “Changes in the level of the Caspian Sea against the backdrop of climate change and its impact on the coastal zone”, head of the department, professor Rza Mahmudov on the topic “Regional climate changes in Azerbaijan and their impact on rivers and water resources”, Professor Aliakbar Rasuli, lecturer at Macquarie University in Australia on the topic “Applying integrated snow cover research of the Greater Caucasus through multi-sensory imagery”, Professor Vedat Chalishkan, professor at Eighteenth March University in Canakkale, Turkey “Climate change, water and environmental support in combating food crises: protected natural areas.”

On the second day of the conference, within the framework of breakout sessions, presentations were heard on the following topics: “Current state of landscape use”, “Problems of assessment, use and protection of climate and water resources”, “Ecogeographical foundations of sustainable development of Azerbaijan, protection of soil and vegetation cover”, “Efficient use of land and their environmental problems”, “The view of young researchers on socio-economic problems in territories liberated from occupation”, “Socio-economic development of regions, green energy potential and promising directions”, “Regional characteristics of demographic development and prospects urban and rural settlement”, “Assessment of the potential of tourism and recreation in ensuring sustainable development”, “Problems of using the natural resource potential of regions and ways to solve them”, “Modern problems of teaching regional development in higher educational institutions and secondary schools”.

Then the draft resolution was discussed. The conference resolution was adopted unanimously with some amendments.

Expressing gratitude to the participants of the event, the head of the institute, Z. Eminov, noted that the conference will have a positive impact on the study of climate in the republic, the implementation of adaptation measures and the conduct of relevant research and expressed confidence that geographers, as well as other scientists and specialists working in this field, will achieve successful results.