Economic and political geography 


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Head of department:

D.Sc., doc. Zakir Namin oghlu Eminov

Total number of employees:


Main activity directions:

Research work are carried out to determine trends and features of general demographic and geodemographic development, resettlement in Azerbaijan (natural growth, migration, dynamics of quantity…) and  placement of the population at high altitude zones. Effective directions of the territorial organization of population are being identified.

Main scientific achievements:

In result of research, the regularities of formation and development of the population were studies, regional characteristics of geodemographic development were determined. The development of natural and mechanical movement, which due to socio-economic development is the source of the formation of population, was studied; their interaction and interdependence were studied. It was studied the effect on the demographic processes of social conditions, living standards, employment, division of labor reserves by areas of production. At this basis the perspective of geo-economic way of demographic development and its regional settlement was developed. As one of the important issues was carried out a comprehensive study of the economic and geographic regions of Azerbaijan. For each region they were studied the development, demographic characteristics and features of the settlement, revealed the impact on these processes of natural-geographical and socio-economic conditions. It allowed to determine direction to resolve the effective settlement of the population in the country and, especially, between highland-lowland, and Absheron-village. The maps of population distribution have been compoled.